International Dark-Sky Association Victoria inc. is a not-for-profit organisation.

IDAVic has been formed from a group of like minded Victorians who want to see the quality of the night sky retained for future generations.

Australian night skies are still some of the darkest on the planet. IDAVic aims to provide information, and support to any person, organisation or business that  shares our aims.


President Dr Russell Cockman        president (at)

Treasurer Dr Nick Lomb    treasurer (at)

Secretary Judith Bailey      members (at)



The mission of the International Dark-Sky Association Victoria (IDAVic) is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.
The IDA Victoria, through its policies and efforts, seeks to:
1. Improve the nighttime environment by reducing light pollution through better lighting practices that provide:
• Energy savings resulting in economic benefits
• Superb nighttime ambience and quality of life
• Conservation of nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems
• Safeguarding of scientific and educational opportunities, such as astronomy
• Preservation of cultural heritage and inspiration for the arts
• Increased visibility, safety, and security at night by reducing glare
• Protection of human health;
2. Raise awareness about curtailing light pollution, the beneficial effects of doing so, and its solutions;
3. Educate about the values of environmentally responsible outdoor lighting while collaborating with other like-minded organizations;
4. Promote responsible legislation, public policy, research, and standards in a professional and scientifically sound manner; and
5. Seek specific solutions that mitigate light pollution, including:
• Reduce total light in the nocturnal environment (total lumens in use) through;
– Densities (i.e. lux)
– Warranting
– Controls (e.g. on/off capabilities, time-of-night sensors)
– Energy Codes
• Shielding and directionality.
• Consideration of spectral distribution.