Mexico’s Environmental Law regarding Light Pollution

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The Senate of Mexico unanimously endorsed legislation that classifies light pollution as a form of environmental pollution in November 2019. The new law makes light pollution subject to regulation under existing environmental laws in the country of Mexico.

The bill, called “Decreto por el que se reforman y adicionan diversas disposiciones de la ley general del equilibrio ecológico y la protección al ambiente” (“Decree for the reform and addition of various provisions of the general law of ecological balance and the protection of the environment”), was approved by the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of the Mexican Congress) and is now set to become the official policy of Mexico. 

This legislation is an historic event worldwide because it is the first instance of a country explicitly defining light pollution as an environmental pollutant. The law is also unique because it amends previously existing environmental legislation that regulates air, water, and soil quality to also set regulations for light pollution.