School lighting helps students to sleep better at home

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A Norwegian comprehensive school has developed a lighting scheme that aims to help pupils perform better during the school day and relax at night.

The Holla Comprehensive School was officially opened in September 2016 and the lighting solution consists of luminaires with adjustable colour temperatures, so called tuneable white luminaires with LED light sources that can be adjusted from cold white to warm white light in all the classrooms.

During puberty, teenager’s sleep patterns often shift towards a later bedtime and a later awakening in the morning. This acts to reduce the mental performance of adolescents and young adults. Sleep is essential for optimal functioning in everyday life and adolescents often have delayed and irregular sleep patterns, with potentially negative effects on academic performance and daytime functioning.

In a study conducted by Ingvild West Saxvig of the Norwegian Competence Center for Sleep Disorders at Haukeland University Hospital it was found that 8.4 percent of young people in secondary schools in Norway reported trouble falling asleep before 2am at least three nights a week and had difficulties waking up in the morning.

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