The work of IDAVic  to promote Good Lighting could not be done without the support of  Sponsors, Supporters and Members.


A number of indivuals support IDA Vic.


Ballaarat Astronomical Society Inc

BAS has supported the work of IDAVic from the beginning and continues to provide sponsorship and support for the continuing work of IDAVic providing Educational Materials support, Zoom Conferencing and as an auspicing body for public educational events.


Astronomical Society of Victoria

ASV support IDAVic with a Venue to meet and is a Group Member.

Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society

MPAS is a Group Member.


Lumorail   have three excellent handrails  which support the  IDA Guidelines for light fixtures.


Lighting & Electrical Distributors stock a number of various products which suitably fit in with the Light fixture Information listed on our website.

It is up to the consumer to ensure that the products are installed to reduce light spill to as near as ZERO where possible.